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Wolfpack United

Wolfpack United is a social impact agency providing social impact strategy, digital storytelling, and goal-orientated branding to all.  Our primary goal is to help you increase your online and social presence so that you can increase your bottom line. Like wolves work together to take down prey, we will work together to help you reach your goals.
We Hunt United! We Eat United!
Wolfpack United!

Our Services

Social Impact Strategy

Social Mission Creation & Strategy Design, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program Development & Management, Nonprofit Partnerships, Volunteer Programming, Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG)

Digital Storytelling

Social Impact Communications, Cause Marketing, Creative & Video Production, e-Commerce Integration, and Public Relations & Earned Media.

Goal-Orientated Branding

Purpose & Mission Creation, Core Values Development, and Brand Messaging 


Marvin Amazan, CEO

Marvin Amazan, the CEO of Wolfpack United, was born to Haitian immigrants and raised on Long Island. He is a teacher,  coach, mentor, activist, and advocate. He has always been focused on enhancing his community and creating opportunities for those who come behind him. Marvin works every day to increase the social and economic conditions of his community.

Through his experiences and education, he finds ways to bridge the gap between different generations and turn neighborhoods into communities. Marvin created Wolfpack United to help fix the social-economic state of many disenfranchised neighborhoods and turn them into thriving and empowered communities through means of social programs that focus on engagement, education, and opportunity. ​​

"Everyone of us has the power to change our neighborhoods into communities we just have to care a little."

- Marvin Amazan

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