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How The Youth Can Give Back To Their Community

Sometimes, the smallest gesture goes the longest way. Most of the time the younger generation wants to help but they just not sure exactly how to help, or just need a point in the right direction... if you are one of these people or know someone that fits the description here are some different options on how you can give back and empower your communities. Please share this blog with anyone you think will find this useful.

Donate Clothes

A great way to teach your children about charitable giving is from the simple act of donating clothes. Spend some time as a family going through closets and donating clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Better yet, go out to the store and buy some new jackets, hats, scarves, and other essential winter items so that your children also understand the importance of giving new items.

Plant a Tree (or More)

We love the idea of supporting the environment, and so will your kids. Spend some time planting a few trees in your backyard or even on their school’s grounds (if you get permission). This will help your child learn the importance of protecting the environment and show them how it can start with them!

Donate Unused/Unwanted Toys

Another great donation area for kids apart from clothing is in the realm of toys. Just like clothing donations help out those in need and offer a simple way to give back to the community, donating toys will hit a little closer to home for the kiddos. If you tell them that these toys will help those who may not have any toys at all, they’re sure to respond!

Give Books to Local Hospitals or Daycares

Similar to clothing and toy donations, book donations provide another great way to spread kindness and creativity. Have your children go through their books and decide which ones they don’t think they’ll read again. Then you and your children can bring those books to a local hospital or daycare. Letting your kids see the joy that comes to other’s faces will showcase what an impact they have on someone else’s mood!

Start a School Recycling Program

Your kids learn a lot at school, so why not help them teach others by starting a school recycling program. This is a great project to have them do with other kids their age, and it will help them see the power of giving back as a group. Talk with the school to see whether this is okay before they begin!

Hold a Collection Drive

This collection drive can be for a variety of items. You can collect glass bottles for recycling, or you can collect mittens for those in need—the list is seemingly endless. What your kids get from it, however, is what really counts. These drives will teach them about the importance of following through, and it will show them the beauty of giving back to the community with the help of the community.

Make Handmade Cards

A great way for younger kids to give back to the community as well is to create handmade cards. These cards can come in many forms; have them write thank-you cards for local servicemen or get well soon cards for hospital residents. This idea can help show children that even the smallest gestures can make an impact.

Set Up a Blessing Box

This is a powerful way to give back to the community, and it’s also quite simple. Similar to the free little libraries where people can take a book and leave a book, these boxes offer necessities to those in need. These can include anything from free food to hygiene products and anything else. It’s a great way to help out those in need without the pressure of heading to a soup kitchen.

Do Chores or Yard Work for Neighbors

Helping out the community can be as easy as walking over to the neighbors and asking if they need help with anything. Growing that generosity muscle often means starting small with something that won’t intimidate your children—helping out the neighbors is just that. Your children can assist with simple chores neighbors may need help completing. During the winter, shoveling snow is another great way to give back to the community.

Be a Buddy

Finally, our last way for kids to give back to their community is simply by being a friend. School is tough for a lot of people, so help foster your child’s compassion by encouraging them to sit with those who sit alone or by befriending a child with special needs. Just being a buddy to someone else in the class is a way to give back, spread joy, and foster compassion. If you can show them that these steps will help the community, and fill their hearts, the better chance you have of them following through on these activities.

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